Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule

Countywide Fees

Note: There are certain fees and charges that are set by statute or ordinance. Sales tax included where applicable.


Clandestine Labs Cleanup (set by ordinance)

Costs Assessed



“Mass Gathering” (set by ordinance - other charges may apply based on staff time)




     8 ½ x 11 black & white (unless otherwise noted)


     8 ½ x 11 color (unless otherwise noted)


Postage/Package Rate (charges added as required)

Actual Cost

Assessor's Office





     Field Sheet Reports or Copies


     Pre-Programmed Computer Reports

$5.00 + $0.10/page

Data Download Reports

$60.00 setup + $0.06/parcel

CD Production




Per Parcel Layer


Custom Data Reports - Setup


Pictometry Imagery

4% of County Cost for 100%

5% x Portion of County x County Cost

County Cost 2019 = $101,985

Auditor/Treasurer Office

Annexations/Deannexations - Setup

$100.00 shared with Assessors + $2.00/parcel

Certificate as to taxes and taxable property


Certificate as to taxes collected, delinquent & settlement


Computer Labels

$25 setup + $0.05/label

Computer Printout

$25 setup + $0.25/page

Confession of Judgement


County Office - Filing Fee


Delinquent Tax Publication


Duplicate Tax Statements


     Current Year - Print New Tax Statement


     Current Year - Yellow


     Prior Year (copy of yellow or white)


Economic Development Tax Abatements

$250.00/district shared with Assessors

Economic Development Tax Abatements - Annual Maintenance

$150.00/district shared with Assessors

Fax Copies


Filing Plat Fee

$100.00 shared with Assessors + $2.00/parcel





     Dangerous Dog


     Liquor - On Sale 3.0%


     Liquor - Off Sale 3.0%


     Liquor - On Sale Intoxicating (based on statutes depending on club membership)


     Liquor - Off Sale Intoxicating


     Liquor - Sunday Sales


     Precious Metals

$28.00 + tax



     Transient Merchant


Martin County Map (white)


Martin County Parks Map


NSF Checks (Auditor/Treasurer has authority to waive)




Plat Book

$35.00 + tax

Print Screen


Registered Voter Certification

$2.00/registered voter

Repurchase of Forfeited Land


Research Fee - General


Soil & Water District Filing Fee


Special Assessment Annual Maintenance

$0.50/parcel/assm code yearly

(Administration, Collection, Settlement)


Split Fee

$25.00/parcel shared with Assessors

Tax Abatement Application Fee


Tax Searches






Fireworks Display




Copy of Ditch Map (from an existing cd)


Scanning large images and copy

$10.00 setup fee / $3.00 for copy

Department of Corrections

Misdemeanor Fee (Mandated by DOC)


Gross Misdemeanor Fee (Mandated by DOC)


Teen Court


Highway Department

County Maps

$1.00 (one free to each county resident)

E911 Signs


     Sign Only


     Sign and Post


     Sign and Post Installed by County


Entrance Permit


     Commercial Driveway

$500.00 w/ $400.00 returned after satisfactory final inspection

     Standard Driveway

$250.00 w/ $150.00 returned after satisfactory final inspection

     Temporary Intersection Radius Extension

$1,000.00 w/ $800.00 returned after satisfactory final inspection

Mailbox Supports


Moving Permit




     Standard Single


     Vehicle with over 7 axles and GVW over 80,000 lbs


Per Use of County Garage by Township


Plans and Proposals



$25-$50 (determined based on size of packet)

     Pick Up at Counter

$20-$40 (determined based on size of packet)

Utility Permit


     Minimum Fee

$25.00 *

     Open Cut road crossing (gravel roads only)

$200.00 *

     Underground Utility / tile greater than 4”

$100.00 *

* The County Engineer has the option of putting on an additional larger refundable fee until satisfactory restoration is complete



Arts Prints


Damaged/Lost Materials

The Value of the Item

Equipment Rentals


     Large Screen


     Multimedia Projector


     Overhead Projector


     Slide Projector


     Tape Recorder




Meeting Room


     For-Profit Organizations


     Nonprofit Organizations


Overdue Books, DVDs, etc.

$0.10/day, maximum $5.00 fine/item



     Black & White







     Electrical Site


     Primitive Site




Shelter House


     Cedar-Hanson Large


     Cedar-Hanson Small


     Perch Lake


Planning & Zoning

Administrative Appeal


“After the Fact” Conditional Use Permit (CUP) or Variance


“After the Fact” Zoning and Land Permit


Commercial Pesticide Test


Conditional Use Permit (CUP)


Feedlot Inspection Fee (Every Four Years)


     0-50 Animal Units


     51-150 Animal Units


     151-300 Animal Units


     301-600 Animal Units


     601+ Animal Units


     Change of Ownership


Feedlot Permit Fee




Septic Permit


     Cluster System


     Type 1-3


     Type 4 or 5


     Loan Program Administration Fee


Special Meeting or Hearing


Sub Division

$400.00 + $100.00/lot



Zoning Permit (Building)



$0.05/square foot, $175.00 minimum

     Communication Towers


     Land Alteration (Grading and Filling)


     Meteorological Tower


     Solar Energy System


     Wind Turbines


Recorder's Office

Real Estate Recording


     Recording Documents


     Multiple Satisfactions/Assignments

$46.00 for 4 documents or less, $10.00 for each additional

     Certified Copies of Documents


     Attested Copies of Documents


     Well Disclosure Certificates




     Copy of Plat


     Add Certification of Plat (large size only)


     Laredo Service (internet access to real estate)

Depends on Program Chosen + Per Minute Charge

Vital Records


     Certified Birth Record

$26.00/record, $19.00 for additional copies of same record requested at the same time

     Birth Verification


     Uncertified Birth Record


     Certified Death Record

$13.00/record, $6.00 for additional copies of same record requested at the same time

     Uncertified Death Record


     Marriage License

$115.00 (or $40.00 with 12 hours counseling)

     Certified Marriage Record


     Filing of Notary Commission


     Re-filing Notary Name Change


     Re-filing Notary Address Change


     Passports - 16 Years Old and Over

$130.00 U.S. Department of State, $35.00 Recorder’s Office

     Passports - Under 16 Years Old

$100.00 U.S. Department of State, $35.00 Recorder’s Office

     Passport Cards - 16 Years Old and Over

$30.00 U.S. Department of State, $35.00 Recorder’s Office

     Passport Cards - Under 16 Years Old

$15.00 U.S. Department of State, $35.00 Recorder’s Office

     Expedited Fees (additional mail options available)

$60.00 for all ages added to U.S. Department of State’s fees

     Duplicate Marriage License


     Felon Name Change License Application


     Ordination Credentials




     County Federal and State Tax Lien Searches


Office Fees




     Bound Book Copies



$5.00 min. charge, $1.00/page after 5 pages

     Computer Data Reports

$25 setup fee, $1.00/page printed



Sheriff's Office

Background Checks (excludes human services, military, other law enforcement)


Burning Permits (county only)


Calls for Services (ICR) (public data reports)






Motor Vehicle Accident Reports


Permit to Carry Firearm


     Personal Data Change




      Renewal Late Within 30 Days




     Digital/Printed Sheets


     Digital/Disc (burned on CD)


Storage Media


     Audio - CD


     Video - DVD




Jail Fees


     Board of Prisoners


          Out of County




     Electronic Home Monitoring

$15.50/day or $19.00/day (depends on equipment)

     Fingerprinting (Private)




     Inmate Expense

Depends on Charges




Mileage + Hourly Rate

     Urinalysis/Drugs (Private)


Sheriff's Office Civil

Deputy Time

$65.00/hour, 1 hour minimum

Mortgage Foreclosure Sale


     Cancellation on Day of Sale


     Certificate of Sale of Real Estate


     Notice of Intention to Redeem

$100.00/each lien

     Redemption of Foreclosed Property


Paper Service (includes 3 attempts, prepayment not required)


     Additional Attempts

$10.00/attempt after initial 3

     Additional Papers at Same Address or Additional Named Person


     Certificate Not Found/Returned, Posting or Vacancy


     Posting Three Notices of Sale


Sheriff's Sale of Personal Property


     Securely & Safely Keeping Property in Replevin - Attachment or             Execution Deposit Required

$75.00 minimum - depends on property

Writ of Executions


     Collecting on Writ of Executions (Deposit/Service)

$50.00 + 6% commission on money collected

     Executions Returned/Not Satisfied


Solid Waste Ordinance



     Composting Facility


     Demolition Disposal Facility


     Incineration Facility


     Intermediate Waste Disposal Facility


     Land Disposal Facility


     Recycling Collection and Transportation


     Recycling Facility


     Solid Waste Collection and Transportation