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The Sheriff’s Office of Martin County is part of the county’s system of justice. The Sheriff’s Office is located at the Law Enforcement Center adjacent to the historic courthouse. The Law Enforcement Center houses the Sheriff’s Office and Administrative section, the Martin County Jail, and the Communications Center. It operates on a 24 hour per day, 365 day per year basis.

The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement authority in the county and is charged with the duty to "keep and preserve the peace of the county, for which purpose he may call to his aid such persons or power of the county as is necessary." The primary concern of the Sheriff’s Office is the safety and well-being of all persons and property in Martin County.

The Sheriff’s Office provides 24-hour access to a prescription drug drop off box in the main lobby of the Law Enforcement Center.

Justice Center

Mission Statement:

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing professional, fair and compassionate services that are sensitive to the needs of the county to ensure the public’s safety

  • We protect the lives and property of our citizens while maintaining respect for individual constitutional rights
  • We respect the dignity of all persons and conduct public contracts with courtesy and compassion
  • We recognize our interdependent relationships with our county and remain sensitive to its needs and priorities
  • We emphasize crime prevention and public safety through education and county oriented policing
  • We provide leadership to the Sheriff’s profession and support our fellow deputies by recognizing their individual worth
  • Our success is measured by the confidence, support and sense of security and well-being of the county
  • We strive to conduct business that will promote county satisfaction

Services and Responsibilities:

  • Provide full range of law enforcement services for all unincorporated areas of Martin County
  • Provide Traffic Law Enforcement – respond to calls for service, investigate motor vehicle accidents, and provide traffic enforcement
  • Enforce boating regulations throughout the county and investigate drowning incidents in the county
  • Provide crime prevention and education services to the general public
  • Investigate all violent and mysterious deaths and assist the County Coroner in determining the cause of death
  • Provide investigative services and preparation for prosecution by the County Attorney for all crimes including the specialty areas of juvenile issues, illegal narcotics, substance trafficking, and welfare fraud
  • Service of Civil Process including Sheriff’s sales, special orders from the court, and all arrest warrants emanating from the court system
  • Work child abuse investigations jointly and separately with Martin County Human Services
  • Answer all emergency and non-emergency requests for police, fire and ambulance services in Martin County and dispatching all emergency response units in the county
  • Provide security in the courtrooms and adjacent areas
  • Provide transportation for committed patients and prisoners
  • Administration and operation of the county jail
  • Provide mutual aid for all other law enforcement agencies in the county and surrounding areas
  • Operate and maintain computer connection to the state and federal government’s computer system, furnishing to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension statistics and information regarding the number of crimes reported and discovered, arrests made, and disposition of cases to the many State and Federal agencies requiring this information