Drainage Administration

Martin County Drainage System Interesting Facts
Benefitted Acres - 221,952
Benefitted Acre Dollar Amount - $136,766,948.31
174 Total Drainage Systems in Martin County
93 open ditches totaling 262.89 Miles in Length

Drainage Department Contact Info
Michael Forstner - Drainage Systems Manager
507-236-2964 (Cell)

Shane Fett - Drainage Inspector
507-848-9086 (Cell)

What is a County Ditch?”
A county ditch is a drainage system managed by a County Drainage Authority or Joint County Drainage Authority – and in accordance with the Drainage Laws of Minnesota. The county does not own the ditch. The landowners who benefit from the water drainage are owners of the drainage system. A county ditch can be an open ditch system, an underground tile system or a combination of open ditch and underground tile. Road ditches are not county ditches. Road ditches are the responsibility of the road authority.

A County Ditch is blocked or a county tile needs repair…What can be done?”
The first step to solve the problem is to notify the county’s Ditch Inspector. After the Drainage Inspector has reviewed the problem, a plan will be made to repair the problem. Please call the County Drainage Inspector Shane Fett @ 507-238-3201 to report the problem with the ditch.

Drainage Calculator

Minnesota Public Drainage Manual

Minnesota State Drainage Statutes 103E

Martin County Multipurpose Drainage Management Plan